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Taxi from city to city all over Europe

Your comfort and safety are our priority during transport to your destination

Main advantages of City2CityTaxi


Without unnecessary delays. We will plan your journey so that you will not spend a single unnecessary minute of your precious time travelling.


You just enjoy the journey and don't have to worry about anything.


Without further costs related to transport. We will transport up to three passengers for a price which attacks the price of a regular flight ticket.

With dignity

No taking off clothes and shoes at the airport, no searching through personal possessions by the security, just a comfortable journey.


The vehicles have the latest safety components.


You will reach the target destination even on days and during hours when the other kinds of transport do not offer any connection.

Transport to the airport

Not only from city to city, but you can simply order our services also for travelling from Václav Havel Airport Prague and to Václav Havel Airport Prague. It doesn't matter if you are a private or a corporate client; we will provide you with our services always in the top quality and for fixed prices. For travelling from the airport we always check the actual arrival time and adjust the time of driving the vehicle to the airport according to the current situation. Therefore, you pay no extra fees for waiting when the plane is late, and you don't need to wait for the vehicle when the plane arrives earlier. Collecting the client in the arrival hall carrying a card with his/her name or the company name is a matter of course. We have been providing our services using professional drivers and top quality vehicles since 1999.


About us

Comfortable transport from city to city all over the Europe.



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